Olivia's Story

I have dabbled in the mystic arts since a young age, preparing rituals with my mom. I teach the Monogamous Seductress how to command Shakti to allow for Feminine Flow, Love, Intimacy, Pleasure, Connection, and Appreciation to your man. My business is a sanctuary for women to be women.


Vulcan Ability birthed from an inner calling; I crafted my passion and knowledge of sex, pleasure, and energy into Vulcan Ability Academy that offers an intimate 1:1 metamorphosis with sisterhood and seminars about removing the blinders from the indoctrination in modern relationships. Vulcan Ability Library is a membership based collection of everything sex, Yoni, and Love. It builds confidence for monogamy and true love based on romance codes and real life stories.


Sacred Sexuality Ritual Kits birthed through the suggestion of a Kismet Client®. The roots began as a pop up in SoHo, New York City at Brooklyn Diamond Coffee in August 2021 and later in the fall of 2021 at the Psychic Faire in Greenwood Lake at Crystals of Quartz.

I struggled with the very nature of being a woman and lacked knowledge of my body, energy cycles, and intuitive powers. I explored sexuality on my own through ancient and modern teachings for a bigger picture beyond the mainstream view of 'sex.' I struggled with sensations, reaching orgasms, feeling numb and detached during intimacy. 


Many breakdowns started an intense journey of demystifying the Feminine and respecting the Masculine. I discovered the beauty of being a woman and embodied an effortless radiance innate to us.


The work I have done with Lightworkers, Shamans, and the like has transformed who I am. My passion to spread the teachings I have learned led me to this vocation. I choose to help women alchemize their relationships to the Feminine and Masculine. For them to learn what sensuality feels like; shamelessly experience out-of-body orgasmic pleasure; harmoniously unite with the Masculine.



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