Feminine Embodiment

Magnetizing with the Heart

Oct 22, 2021

Unlocking orgasmic potential in the body and deepening penetration begins by respecting the heart. She wants to feel safe in her vulnerability and revered for her softness. The touch she craves is beyond the physical yet the physical can activate her opening.

Gentle feather light touch on the collarbone, down, and around the breasts while taking slow long exhales releases the negative vibrations stored in this area. Performing this practice in a unrushed manner can stir up plenty of emotions of disgust, rage, hurt, shame.

Too big. Too small. Painful. Gross.

I used to be perplexed by men's fascination of breasts. I could not find a single pretty thing about these two large mounds with red tips. I would do my best to never look at or touch them. They were a nuisance; first I did everything under the sun to grow them. Then I hid their monstrous size with clothes that covered their comparison to my tiny waist. Lose-Lose.

This morning I spent half an hour massaging, touching, and cupping my breasts to reinvigorate my heart's gateway. The end result in the physical was perkier, happier, beautiful breasts.

In the energetic, it felt like I had freed my heart's receptivity. She felt spacious and heard, as though my mind was fully aware that she is running the show; my mind's attention turned toward the heart as he kept quiet.

The subtle shift I felt in my body exemplified the complementary balance of Masculine and Feminine. My mind is still logical, more masculine, focused on tasks and achieving however, in the presence of my heart in her radiance and allure, he took a backseat.

It is beneficial to shift our focus from one or the other (Masculine or Feminine) ruling in the moment and instead recognize their ability to coexist and support the other.



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