On Easy Street

Oct 22, 2021

As we begin this beautiful new year, we can observe what we'd like to gift ourselves in our sex lives. For small wins that bring us into alignment as the sultry Vixen we want to be, here is a recommendation beyond write out your wildest fantasies.

 Those sound wonderful and get us in the mood but seriously, how often do we feel bold enough to say "F*ck me against the park bench in daylight"? And how often do those fantasies translate to the real world?

The road to becoming a multi-orgasmic woman who commands her life is like a dirt path with gems covered in mud and potholes hiding under foliage. The gems are our turn ons and the power we access when we give ourselves permission to enjoy sex. The potholes are the instilled conditioning we have accumulated from parents, siblings, relatives, friends, helpful adults, sex ed classes, toxic relationships, choices made from low self-esteem, harassment, etc. When we walk the path to discover the whole Sexy self, we inevitably stir up the gems and fall into a ditch a few times.

 The reason Sexuality is a more hidden self development area is because the others: Body, Health, Fitness, Business, Wealth seem more tangible. If a dry spell prolongs a month, year, a little longer it is disappointing but can be fairly quickly ignored. When we routinely dismiss our sexual needs, that energy force that makes us feel alive, dims.
 In 2021, allow yourself to experience orgasmic pleasure. I remember toggling between fantasizing over all the things I would love to experience in the bedroom then feeling completely paralyzed when the time came to explore. This is why I advocate the bite-size method.
We can get much further on our pleasure journey by focusing on less. Here comes my ask of you during the first week of January:
Define a single thing you would like to explore deeper this year in your sexuality.
One thing. 

I strongly encourage zeroing in on a broad subject if one comes up. For instance, "body confidence" is too general. Get specific.

Body Confidence instead can be: Become comfortable playing with the lights on. Melting into the touch of my man as his hands or lips reach my stomach.

If sensory deprivation intrigues you, pick one such as auditory play (turning on a certain song and letting the beats move through you) or olfactory (perhaps placing a favorite selection of flowers in a vase next to the bed) or visual (watch myself having sex in a mirror).


If kinky play suits your tastes and being blindfolded is something that gets your body aroused, tingly, and uncomfortable in a good way, perhaps the 2021 focus could be: Be blindfolded.


Once you select your single focus, make it happen. For example a blindfold plan could be experiment with scarf, tie, sleep mask. Maybe all three to see what you like the most or choosing 'sleep mask blindfold' as play for 2021.

 Have fun gorgeous women!

Sexual pleasure is a birthright. Claim it.



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