Feeling Sensual with Pole Dance

female sexuality feminine embodiment goddess sensuality Oct 22, 2021

My first introduction to pole dancing started at 14 years old when my older sister shared her excitement for taking classes in the city. Luckily, her personal expression through dance solidified a connection for me separate and clean from "gentleman club" pole dancing. Soon into my early 20's I spent three hours dancing on the first day I took a class.

The feelings in the moment are intoxicating, powerful, and sultry.

The initial jitters before getting into the flow of the music and movement show up in the form of shyness, uncertainty, awkwardness. Once awareness drops from the mind into the body, the music becomes a pulse, it courses through the veins. A different you emerges- the one that gives into her desires, gyrating hips to the beat. The focus on 'how I look' blurs and adjusts to the sensation of surrendering arousal to the combination of music and opportunity to dance through the song.

Pole dancing, despite the many forms of embodied Feminine practices, is a special one as it asks the dancer the give her weight, herself, over to the pole. The solid metal structure, standing erect, is a symbol of masculinity.

While pole dancing can be highly erotic when done in a private setting for your man, dancing for the pleasure and practice of yourself is the ultimate goal. Learning a skill simply to impress lacks the fiery essence innate to the Shakti serpent stirring at the base of the body. We can dance without igniting our Divine Feminine but to ignite her and invite her to fill the entire body and overflow out into the auric field and inevitably onto the pole, atmosphere, and environment curated, is a new ball game.

Embodiment practices that teach our bodies to move in a circular fashion can be incredibly healing as it stirs the energy in our womb and pelvic bowl. What is not talked about or ever included in pole dancing classes is the energetic aftercare that integrates the physical practice. During the dance, we shake up the stagnant energy residing inside and could benefit from acknowledging the space we need to process the emotions or memories that may pop up once we step away from the dance.

Unprocessed memories related to our experience of being seen, vulnerable, exposed, disrespected, and so on can bubble up to our consciousness after we engage in these dances. These emotions play a vital role in our sexual expression and the layer of 'self' we share in play; therefore it is almost expected that after leaping (for some) out of comfort zone into a pole session would require gentle and soothing follow up.


The energetic aftercare post taking on a Divine Feminine awakener starts with the awareness that it is necessary. This simple statement in itself validates the changes women are experiencing. Taking time to rest after or engaging in nourishing activities like sipping an infusion while looking at nature, spending time alone in a favorite spot, free journaling, ingesting a high vibrational treat like raw cacao dessert or acai bowl or matcha latte with Pine Pollen, Shatavari, Rose, He Shou Wu, Pearl and other boosters is recommended.

The next time you take five minutes in your day to play, strip off your clothes in a sultry fashion note that you have a choice to connect to the center in your being that is life force energy, or known on Earth as sexual primal energy.


Embody your inner Monogamous Seductress with confidence by learning about your body's desires, turn ons, and couple it with the history of sex that leads to modern relationship impressions and misconceptions.

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