Tension Land

Oct 22, 2021

How long can you withstand that moment of tension right before you reach your edge?

When I began working with my pleasure, I could sense an urgency each time. If only I get the next best sensation THIS time, I will achieve a new space of orgasmic release. Little did I realize I was never chasing the O but rather moments before when everything is on pins and needles in the most delicious way.

I now recognize the yearning, the ripples of ecstasy that rush through, seeking just a little more... they are the ones we want to entertain more.

I allow myself to be in that place of hyper arousal- where the primal kicks in because the mind is put to sleep- by softening. We cannot turn away from the discomfort in the moment of tension. The discomfort is where the pleasure resides.
Teasing is one of the most powerful ways to expand libido and heighten sensitivity. Playing in the space of juiciness lets us explore new sensations without the barriers normally in place. Ending a ritual of arousing but not finishing can taste all the sweeter. It helps to redefine 'sex' when we play in a container without the conclusion and penetration.

If we begin to collect the moments that bring us pure delight such as the aroma of coffee or the look of a fresh clean room or the sunlight reflecting off hair or spending a slow day at the spa, we attune our nervous system to relaxing for sustained periods of time. Add a little touch of erotic pleasure, like moaning sensually when getting massaged or hanging out naked in the living room, and suddenly the practice of feeling safe during relaxation merges with arousal.


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