True Nature of Women

Oct 22, 2021

Women play a special role in our world, they contain a certain magic that pulls the masculine in like a magnetic field. When we dull our Femininity, we lose that polarity. A loss in polarity results in squabbles, nagging, and a fallback on 'what we know' which is imbalanced masculinity for a grasp of power to feel as though we are in control. That can be the biggest lie that destroys our love for the masculine and our life. We are in control.

We are not. The masculine dominates control. We submit.


In a deep state of Surrender and acceptance, we relax into the space of being. Do not confuse control with power. Our power is accessed through this submission to the masculine.

That can feel scary for many. My body constricted, reacting to the collective's response as I typed that principle.
Let me breakdown the energetic anatomy of a woman. Love is our ultimate power; our tools include intuition and feeling. When we embody this truth we can embrace the masculine and guide him to go deeper into his evolution.

The heart is the control panel, our breasts are its physical form, our arms are an extension of the heart region. Arms and hands are the epitome of the heart's teachings- giving and receiving. Our hearts are a positive polarity. The Yoni is a shrine, encompassing an entrance, a passageway, and a home. She opens once the heart is spacious and warm. She pulses, responding to her environment enticing it or closes, going inwards to protect from unwanted invaders. Pussies are a negative polarity.

The very nature of a woman is to receive intimately, which emphasizes vulnerability as a superpower and strength. Accessing vulnerability requires losing sight of control.


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